Days 13, 14, 16, and 17

Almost caught up, I decided to space out my missing days within a couple/few posts just so they would feel so crammed and cramped in one post.

So back to it, day 13, work clothes: literally whatever I was already wearing. I work with fabrics and yarns for the most part which doesn’t create that big of a mess to require specific clothes for work.

Day 14, dreams and plans: like pretty much everything I’ve ever done or planned to do my only real plan or dream is to be able to make a comfortable living off of my shop. I want to be able to pay my bills and keep both me and my cat fed and housed without having to worry about what I need to scrap that month to get by. I want to reach a point where my shop is the only job I have, I mean I would object to working random jobs here and there but I want to not NEED to work them. Aside from that nothing is really concrete at the moment, it all depends how the next couple years with me at school goes.

Day 15, boomerang: an Instagram thing so we’re skipping over it.

Day 16, helper: I don’t know if you’d consider her a helper, but I would say my cat Nelly is the closest thing to a helper I have. She’s the reason why I’m trying so hard to make this shop happen, arguably her sister Shadow (who passed away almost three years ago) was really the motivator. When she passed away I fell into a really bad depression, that cat was the longest running consistency in my life and to just not have her here anymore was almost to much to handle. But Nelly (pictured above) kept me going. I had to figure out what I wanted to do in life, I couldn’t be forcing myself to just work for a paycheque anymore, I needed to work for something else. Also working at home I get to hangout with Nelly a lot more, since her sister passed away she became so much more needy. But she also reminds me that I need to take breaks often otherwise I’m going to burn myself out like I do at every other job I’ve worked at, which’ll make it not enjoyable anymore.

Day 17, customers and feed back: I haven’t sold as much as I would have liked to by now. But from I have sold my customers are here in Canada, down in the states, and over in the UK. From the stats I can see I’m not as global as I’d like to be, but baby steps first. As for reviews surprisingly I’m doing really well, like I’m surprised it’s as good as it’s at right now. Like every creator, especially a relatively publicly new one at that, I do feel like my stuff is totally good enough to sell, but I have that nagging voice in the back of my head telling me they’re going to hate it in person. I also have never received 100% rating on anything in my life so this is completely new and as much as I try to convince myself to take it professionally and not personally I never listen to myself. So if I get a shit rating I’m going to dwell on it…this I know. But I guess it’s a good thing I’m a low key perfectionist so I’ll never list anything I don’t like so there’s always that.


Days 9, 10, 11, and 12

I know, I know it’s been over ten days since I’ve made a post but I’ve been busy with figuring out school and my up coming move and all that.

So I’m actually going to scoop over day 8 because I don’t have a flatlay so it wouldn’t really make sense for me to be talking about one.

Day 9, how it’s made: currently I am using two Janome machines, one regular sewing machine and one serger. They were both gifts from my dad actually. I got my first machine back when I was in like grade 12, I had been using my mums old machine and it needed a lot of love so my dad figured it was cheaper and better to just get me my own. My serger was very much a surprise, my parents kept bugging me about what I wanted for Yule one year (literally first world problems I know but apparently making a payment or two towards my student loans wasn’t an option) so I just blurted out a serger, mostly just to get them off my back. But lo and behold that exactly what I received.

Day 10, time to relax: this is kind of a hard question to answer because I either do nothing or I’m working on some kind of knitting or sewing. Like when I get home from my clock-in job I either just sit down and watch tv, not doing anything just completely sitting still, eating dinner or whatever. Or I’m nonchalantly knitting or reading. I don’t really have specific “down time” it’s pretty much if I’m not st the salon then I’m at home (or out running errands) and once I’m home it’s all kind of depends on how much time, effort, or supplies I have. I could be sewing or knitting which since my shop is also considered a job that arguably isn’t down time, but like anyone who has their own business there’s no real down time unless you’re on vacation or sleeping.

Day 11, branding: Trash Witch Apparel got its name from the fact that I tag basically every selfie on my personal accounts with #trashking as well as the fact that I am a practicing witch. I wanted a name that would reflect myself no matter how much I change and grow over time. Will I eventually stop calling myself trash? Maybe. But I also do a form of trash witchcraft, meaning being an urban witch I tend to live in not the cleanest cities. Ones where people just throw their garbage on the ground or on the side of highways, I either clean up what I can or I reuse the cleaner stuff in some aspect within my craft. Also it’s that standard self deprecating humour we millennials have.

Day 12, postage and packaging: I don’t really have a whole lot to say for this, I’ve been using recycled boxes or whatever Canada post has at the post office, I have recently bought a full calligraphy quill set and I’m in the process of designing an actually proper shipping label.

Workspace and Routine

Since I missed yesterday we’re doing another multi day post

Day six; workspace:

Back on Monday evening I received an email saying was accepted into school so I’ve been basically doing a deep purge of my place. I’m currently living in a not quite basement suite, like it’s only missing a kitchen and it’s own separate entrance to make it a proper basement suite, so I tend to keep my work downstairs. There’s like four major spots I tend to work at, depending on what I’m working on.

Knitting is one of those things I like to take with me if I think I’ll have enough time to make packing it worth it, my bag doesn’t fit non-books well inside. But when I knit at home I’m usually on the couch or I have this one corner in my room that I’ve filled with cushions for that Victorian bohemian vibe (David Bowie’s Nature Boy plays off in the distance). That corner is also where I doodle up patterns and do very poorly drawings to see how a thing would look as part of a full outfits.

Which brings us to my work table, which is currently under a pile of stuff I’m getting rid of so it is an absolute mess at the moment as well as my floor…which is where I cut out my fabrics since my table isn’t big enough to fit my machines and enough room to lay my fabric fully out and smooth.

Day seven; routine:

I don’t really have a legit routine when it comes to working on my shop, because I still work a regular “clock-in” job sometimes I just don’t have the effort when I get home from work. I try to do a bit everyday but sometimes it just makes too long of days. I like to think that if I only had my shop to work on doing 16 hour days would be fine because it’s for my business and brand, and I could take as long as I need for breaks. A mid day nap would be great, not gonna lie.

On a slightly off topic note, since I got accepted (well conditionally accepted, my full acceptance depends on my acceptance for a loan which if my sister can basically continuously rack up as much as she kind in two provincial and national The I can get another national since my first one has been payed off) I’m basically purging a mansion worth of stuff to fit into a shoebox minimalist apartment so I sadly don’t think I’ll be able to make this months update for my Etsy page since I’m going to need to get everything ready this month. Since I know if I stretch this out I’m never going to be ready for the move in June.


March Meet The Maker day five is about photography, or how your work.

My shop is a very much one man operation, I either design or thrift my patterns, I purchase the fabrics and what not, I make the stuff, I very poorly model or prop onto a dress form, and finally I take the pictures myself. How I take my pictures is kind of a hit or miss depending on what settings I have it set to. But I think I’ve figured out the perfect settings and frame size. But I just use my phone.

I figure out how far I need to step away and a general pose that, at least, shows off certain details of the garment, then I set the timer on my phone’s camera and hope that at least one picture from the burst looks half way decent. Trust me if I had a friend here who’s into photography (either business or hobby) here I would totally work something out with them. But until I live somewhere where I have friends who I don’t mind asking to help me out with this stuff, I guess my timer phone shoots are going to have to work.

I did start out using an actual camera, it was a digital one my dad got me like over 7 years ago haha. It worked fine for things on my dress form, but it was super picky and finicky when it came to lighting, especially indoors. One setting would give everything an orange tone, one was to dark, one was to over exposed, one work perfectly but only at this one angle. So I ended up switching over to my phone since for the most part the only way a picture would turn up terrible was if the lighting was to dark or two bright. I also kept misplacing the charging cable and the chip reader for my camera, and I got some kind of idea how the pictures would turn out on a computer screen from my phone.

With all that being said though, once I move back to BC and I have friends who don’t mind helping out (or at least once I don’t feel like I’m bugging them by asking for help haha) I’ll look into getting a more updated camera. It’ll also help with properly showcasing the garments because you’ll be able to see what something looks like (as far as the tops go) on both flat and not so flat chested bodies, instead of trying to picture what something would look like on you (possibly someone with an actual bust line) while looking at a shirt modelled by me (a flat chested guy).

Wether I get a new camera to stand behind with someone else modelling a thing or I stand in front of someone’s camera, as this shop grows my documenting the garments for sale will totally only get better in one way or another.

Favourite To Make

Day four for March Meet The Maker, favourite thing to make. I don’t 100% have a specific favourite thing I make.

You could think it’s knitting because I almost always have some kind of knitting in my bag at any given moment. But I’m actually a rather slow knitter so while I do like knitting and it’s kind of my go-to thing to do when I’m bored and need something to do with my hands. But if we go based off of my shop I would have to say my favourite would be the cowl, crop sweaters I’ve been making.

Aesthetically I love them. In the past couple years cowl have seemed to fall out of favour with main fashion brands/stores (at least here in Canada) but I’ve always love them. They’re perfect for when you want to look or aesthetic of a scarf but the weather is just not having any of that (read as summer). But the overall look of the sweaters are perfect for layering, or if you’re significantly more confident then I am on their own.

You’ve got a comfy cowl, perfect length for layering, the sleeves to my favourite length (going past my first knuckles), but my favourite thing about these sweaters is I’ve gotten my pattern down pat so they’re not only fun to make but at this point pretty easy as well.

While I do enjoy making these crop sweaters I kind of want to step away from them for a bit, I feel like I’ve put myself into some kind of (for lack of better word) rut. My last couple updates have been mostly doing crop tops, while yes they’re fun and crop tops on guys are a look I very much love (and wish I was confident enough to rock them), and I did say I wanted to make more spring/summer clothes but I feel like I’ve put myself into some vague box. Like yes I know my shop isn’t huge or that well known, and this early in its life I can make these…not mistakes but taking my time on certain steps before taking the next one. If sitting on the crop top/sweater step for a couple months is what I need to do before taking the next step then it’s fine.

March Meet The Maker

We’re three days into March Meet The Maker and I finally have time to post them on here, and in more detail then I could on my Vero, Instagram, or other social media accounts. So to make up for lost time we’ll just cover the first three days in one post, this’ll also give me something to write about since I did say I wanted to post here more often and since this gives me a topic a day, essentially, none of us will get bored with me haha. So here we go.

Day one: Me.

Since I do have an intro post we don’t have to go to into deal with this one. I’m just a humble gay, trans man trying to make a living from the things I create with my own two hands. I’m both a cat and plant dad currently as it stands my cat and my plants are hand-me-downs in one way or another but I love them all the same. The only schooling I’ve taken to date, after high school, has been for hair and I am a red seal licensed hair stylist, but I do kind of have the goal to leave the industry eventually mostly because I’ve always had the dream of working from for myself, and because in the long run my body can’t handle that kind of work. One colour and two long hair women’s cuts in a row and my back hurts for almost the whole day afterwards. I turned to and have been walking the pagan path since I was 13, like most people finding this path on their own I started with books on Wicca, not realizing there’s a difference between paganism and wicca, and it just grew from there. I started practicing witchcraft as something separate from my paganism when I was 17-18, this could be a whole post in it self so I’ll save that for later. I will say that I have a growing crystal collection that I arguably have a problem since even though I try to budget I will still ignore and break my planned budget just to get a new stone and I will very poorly justify buying said rock.

Day two: Where.

Canada, kind of specifically outside of Edmonton. I moved here in the later half of 2012 because my dad got posted here and I couldn’t afford to stay in Victoria so I didn’t really have a choice. While I’m grateful for all the growth I’ve done since moving here, I do have to say that the prairies are not for me. I’m currently waiting to hear back from this school about wether or not I’ve been accepted. I have really high hopes about my acceptance because the interviewer said he really liked me and my answers and I’ve applied for the July start date, like who the hell wants to start in the middle of summer? I didn’t but he recommended that I do because it would up my chances of getting in. But honestly even if by some horrible accident I don’t get in then I’m still moving to Vancouver either way, like I said the prairies are not for me. Plus I’ll be moving with a friend and she wants out of the province so I’ll be moving back to BC no matter what haha. To be slightly more specific but still super vague I work out of my home, everything’s all in one chaotic room. If you read anything about fen shui you know you’re not suppose to have work anywhere near your bed otherwise it disrupts your sleep…which could explain so much actually haha.

Day three: How you started.

Back in high school I would thrift most of my wardrobe and customise what I had, nothing to big just like changing the sleeves, lengths, collars, hoods, etc. But I would have, from grade 11, one big project a year which was always my Halloween costume. That I would make from an idea and a pile of fabrics, still to this day Halloween is the one time of year I basically drop everything and work on almost nothing but my costume…but yet that somehow doesn’t stop me from leaving so much of it to last minute. But in high school I always had the dream of living in some big city making a living off of my art (coffee and ramen) but come fall of 2011, specifically Halloween, I made the decision that I might not actually have the will to push myself to draw, paint, or write on a daily basis but I could sew or knit a bit every day without it feeling like some task that I HAD to do. It became something I could mindlessly do while watching tv or on a bus or waiting for someone at a coffee shop. So fall 2011 I decided to tweak my high school dream to focus on making and selling clothing and other fibre based arts. It might have taken me like 6 years to gain enough confidence to put my work out there, but I had some things in my personal life that needed attending to and I’m glad I dealt with them rather then rushing into having a shop. Because aside from the fact that it would have been a mess if I started it at 18 I would have been stuck with a horrible name since even now my ability to name thing is terrible. So for all our sakes it’s a good thing I on,y started this at like 23.

Belated start to a new year

I apologize for my absence, September to the new year is a rather busy time for me as I pretty much leave my costume and Yule gifts to the very last minute. I’ve tried to break this habit but apparently I have yet to manage that haha.

But I’m back now and plan on being as on top of all my shop related accounts, I kind of want to make it a daily thing to update here, Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, etc. But that would be either a bunch of nonsense updates (updates and posts purely just to make posts) which would get annoying for me and everyone who follows me, and that would just take up to much time that I’m kind of already struggling to balance out between work, my shop, home reno (which feels like it might never be done), my own health, trying to get enough hours of sleep, and social media (both personal and shop related). So on top of me being shit at time management, I also feel the need to get a bit of all that done each day, which is damn near impossible for me.

So as long as I get a post on each media platform per week then that should be enough, at least until my shop gets more momentum and I can eventually cut myself down to just working on my shop.

But speaking of work, my clock-in job has cut my hours a bit so I’m down basically basically three and a bit days per paycheque which means it’s significantly lower then what I’m use to. Which I originally took as a good thing because that would leave me more time to work on stuff for the shop, but I now have less of a budget to create pieces. So I’m considering actually getting another job, just like a super part time kind of job, so I can actually have a budget to work on sellable items and so I can save up for my move I’m planning this summer.

Which I guess I can use to segway into this new development, I’ve made myself both a ko-fi and patreon accounts that I’ll link on the bottom of this post. If you want to I would greatly appreciate any donations you want to give, it’ll help both me and my shop…it’ll also help me afford my cat’s food, she’ll only eat this one specific food from this one specific brand and it’s not cheap her food…like now I know how my parents feel when I was a picky eater (I mean I still am but I’ve gotten a lot better).

Also for more shop related updates, at the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to do monthly updates and list new items every new moon, it seems like a good time to post new things and I don’t feel so rushed as I would a date specific update schedule..I don’t know how but it feels less stressful. Now I know it’s still the middle of winter for us in the northern hemisphere, but I’m going to start working on spring/summer clothes mostly because despite being Canadian I still don’t know how to dress for winter, the difference between winter and the other times of year is how many layers and thickness of sweaters/coats I’m wearing. But also this way when those seasons come round I’ll have a decent selection for you guys to look through…as well it might give me ideas how I can survive this summer since with how weird and (for the most part) mild our winter has been this year I’m worried about how unbearably hot this summer is going to be so I need a wardrobe to survive it.




24 on the 24th

So as the title vaguely states, it’s my birthday today. I am now officially 24 on the 24th of September.

I feel as though this is some kind of mile stone, like last year there was a new moon (or dark moon depending on how you look at it) on my birthday and I had a few “new beginnings” happen this past year (birthday to birthday). Work wise I had my ups and downs, home life things didn’t work out the way I had planned but things are looking up again, I’ve got some big plans in that regard (which I can sadly only plan so much until I know what’s happening as far as my dad’s posting).

But anywho, this year’s birthday milestone should be something big, like finally getting my life in order kind of big. After all it’s only once in a life time you turn the same age as the day you’re born on. I made a kind of vague list last night and it’s basically just getting my place in order and (finally) finish the floors and walls. Getting my work, both the salon work and my shop work, in the top priority along with bringing my witchcraft and spirituality up from casual “when I have time” to a more daily activity…like doing my makeup, do I need to do it every day? No. Do I do it everyday? Also no because my face needs a day or two to breath. But on days I do put on a face I make enough time in the mornings to not rush through it, some days I have more effort then others but that’s like anything.

Also I should really probably start using this the way I had intended this blog to be, a record of progress for my shop. So let’s see what have I done with it lately…I’ve finished one scarf, just about finished a “fashion kimono” the handmade fringe I made for it is fighting me a bit, I’ve started another scarf this one is much more of a aesthetic scarf since the yarn is much finer then what I normally use for scarves, and I also have a cardigan in the works. I’ve also picked up a bunch of new fabrics for vests and what not (some of them might make nice bags). But I guess none of this matters if I don’t get my act together and start to prioritize this like I do my lazing around.

So I’m going to do a bit of cleaning around the salon and then start in on some knitting, as bad as it sounds I really don’t want anyone to come in today…not when I have a ten hour day tomorrows

I lost my glasses…

Since my last post was basically on Lughnasadh I have a whole month of updates for all of you, not that there’s a lot but still.

Let’s see, Cirque Du Soleil left Edmonton down to Portland on the 14th, so on the 13th I worked my last shift with them and stayed for as much of the tear down as I could. It was also the day I lost my glasses. Like I was kind of due for an updated pair but the fact that I didn’t have the option of wearing them while I wait for a new pair is kind of the shitty part. Worst part is I waited until a few days ago to finally looking into getting a new pair, I now have like a touch under two weeks (at the most) until I get my new pair.

So I haven’t been the most productive with the shop, I have two sewing projects and three knitting projects on the go. I’ve been trying to get as much work done as I can on them but without my glasses I get to a point where it just hurts to much. I can work through a headache, it’s unpleasant but I can make do, a migraine however is a different story.

Now that brings us to what I’ve been doing since Cirque left town, I’m pretty sure I mentioned this before but for a wee refresher I got a call from this one salon asking if I was still looking for a place closer to home (the last salon I worked at was like 2 hours of bus transfers one way). So on the 14th I started there, it’s a super convenient like 20-30 mins walk.

Since I’ve been working at a salon again my migraines can last for a good few days, especially if I over do it with knitting or sewing after work. When I first found out I needed glasses for work and what not I had had a single migraine for almost two weeks straight. It would be gone for like an hour or two after I woke up and when I was asleep…but then again who feels anything when they’re asleep?

But any who, since basically everyone is back to school we’ve hit a slow period in the salon. I’ve been able to take my knitting into work. I seem to get less progress done there because of my headaches, I think it’s the difference in lighting, but the point is I’m trying to get things done.

Once I get my glasses my plan is to get as much work done as possible so I can have a decent update for the shop by the end of the month. I know I continually say shit like that but this time I’m being 100% serious. I also need to figure out what I’m dressing up for Halloween, I work that day so it has to be work appropriate. I also open that day so basically every kid is going to be in school until like two hours before my shift ends so it doesn’t have to be a tacky “child appropriate goofy” costume. Just like toned down on the gory aspect.


Forgot Lughnasadh…again

General life updates since I’ve been to busy to work on the shop.

All of last week I was busy working with Cirque du Soleil at the remote box office at K-Days and the basically one day I had free was spent catching up on some much needed sleep. When I got home around 9pm I didn’t really have much effort for anything, not even reading, so sadly I didn’t get any of the knitting I needed done. But this week things have slowed right down, I’ve got time to clean, knit, and sew until my hearts content.

I have a few projects on go and I really just want them done as soon as possible, a couple of them I’ve dragged on for longer then I’d like and others I just want done in a timely manner.

Also I completely forgot about Lughnasadh tomorrow (like I do with every sabbath or holidays) and I’m completely unprepared for it. Normally I’d blame this on work but I haven’t been working for that long or consistently to scapegoat my inability to pay attention to dates rather then just days of the week, but I should be able to figure something out in a “I tried” way of celebrating.

But speaking of work, I have a few decisions coming up that I need to figure out, I’ve already decided that mine and my friend’s mini vacation to Iceland isn’t going to happen. So I’m left with a) go back to school in september, b) follow Cirque over to Vancouver in october, c) try out (and hopefully land a part) for a haunted house here in town for the Halloween season, or d) work whatever job I can find that helps my bank while I work on my shop so I can eventually make a living off of it like I’ve always wanted to. Either way auditions are on the 20th so I’ll go to it and if I don’t get a part then I’ll go with one of the other options. Really I can work a process of elimination with all these options and whatever happens, happens. It’s to early to decide what I’m 100% going to shoot for so I’m just going to shoot for all of them equally.


Also on a completely different note, I’m finally stretching my lip up form a 4g to a 2g and let me tell you 1mm is more of a difference then you’d think in a lip piercing. Like I’ve had to tape it up to even try to fit my new post in and my lip is so sore from me trying to go to quickly on saturday, but if I can patiently stretch up a septum then I can be patient with my lip.