March Meet The Maker

We’re three days into March Meet The Maker and I finally have time to post them on here, and in more detail then I could on my Vero, Instagram, or other social media accounts. So to make up for lost time we’ll just cover the first three days in one post, this’ll also give me something to write about since I did say I wanted to post here more often and since this gives me a topic a day, essentially, none of us will get bored with me haha. So here we go.

Day one: Me.

Since I do have an intro post we don’t have to go to into deal with this one. I’m just a humble gay, trans man trying to make a living from the things I create with my own two hands. I’m both a cat and plant dad currently as it stands my cat and my plants are hand-me-downs in one way or another but I love them all the same. The only schooling I’ve taken to date, after high school, has been for hair and I am a red seal licensed hair stylist, but I do kind of have the goal to leave the industry eventually mostly because I’ve always had the dream of working from for myself, and because in the long run my body can’t handle that kind of work. One colour and two long hair women’s cuts in a row and my back hurts for almost the whole day afterwards. I turned to and have been walking the pagan path since I was 13, like most people finding this path on their own I started with books on Wicca, not realizing there’s a difference between paganism and wicca, and it just grew from there. I started practicing witchcraft as something separate from my paganism when I was 17-18, this could be a whole post in it self so I’ll save that for later. I will say that I have a growing crystal collection that I arguably have a problem since even though I try to budget I will still ignore and break my planned budget just to get a new stone and I will very poorly justify buying said rock.

Day two: Where.

Canada, kind of specifically outside of Edmonton. I moved here in the later half of 2012 because my dad got posted here and I couldn’t afford to stay in Victoria so I didn’t really have a choice. While I’m grateful for all the growth I’ve done since moving here, I do have to say that the prairies are not for me. I’m currently waiting to hear back from this school about wether or not I’ve been accepted. I have really high hopes about my acceptance because the interviewer said he really liked me and my answers and I’ve applied for the July start date, like who the hell wants to start in the middle of summer? I didn’t but he recommended that I do because it would up my chances of getting in. But honestly even if by some horrible accident I don’t get in then I’m still moving to Vancouver either way, like I said the prairies are not for me. Plus I’ll be moving with a friend and she wants out of the province so I’ll be moving back to BC no matter what haha. To be slightly more specific but still super vague I work out of my home, everything’s all in one chaotic room. If you read anything about fen shui you know you’re not suppose to have work anywhere near your bed otherwise it disrupts your sleep…which could explain so much actually haha.

Day three: How you started.

Back in high school I would thrift most of my wardrobe and customise what I had, nothing to big just like changing the sleeves, lengths, collars, hoods, etc. But I would have, from grade 11, one big project a year which was always my Halloween costume. That I would make from an idea and a pile of fabrics, still to this day Halloween is the one time of year I basically drop everything and work on almost nothing but my costume…but yet that somehow doesn’t stop me from leaving so much of it to last minute. But in high school I always had the dream of living in some big city making a living off of my art (coffee and ramen) but come fall of 2011, specifically Halloween, I made the decision that I might not actually have the will to push myself to draw, paint, or write on a daily basis but I could sew or knit a bit every day without it feeling like some task that I HAD to do. It became something I could mindlessly do while watching tv or on a bus or waiting for someone at a coffee shop. So fall 2011 I decided to tweak my high school dream to focus on making and selling clothing and other fibre based arts. It might have taken me like 6 years to gain enough confidence to put my work out there, but I had some things in my personal life that needed attending to and I’m glad I dealt with them rather then rushing into having a shop. Because aside from the fact that it would have been a mess if I started it at 18 I would have been stuck with a horrible name since even now my ability to name thing is terrible. So for all our sakes it’s a good thing I on,y started this at like 23.


24 on the 24th

So as the title vaguely states, it’s my birthday today. I am now officially 24 on the 24th of September.

I feel as though this is some kind of mile stone, like last year there was a new moon (or dark moon depending on how you look at it) on my birthday and I had a few “new beginnings” happen this past year (birthday to birthday). Work wise I had my ups and downs, home life things didn’t work out the way I had planned but things are looking up again, I’ve got some big plans in that regard (which I can sadly only plan so much until I know what’s happening as far as my dad’s posting).

But anywho, this year’s birthday milestone should be something big, like finally getting my life in order kind of big. After all it’s only once in a life time you turn the same age as the day you’re born on. I made a kind of vague list last night and it’s basically just getting my place in order and (finally) finish the floors and walls. Getting my work, both the salon work and my shop work, in the top priority along with bringing my witchcraft and spirituality up from casual “when I have time” to a more daily activity…like doing my makeup, do I need to do it every day? No. Do I do it everyday? Also no because my face needs a day or two to breath. But on days I do put on a face I make enough time in the mornings to not rush through it, some days I have more effort then others but that’s like anything.

Also I should really probably start using this the way I had intended this blog to be, a record of progress for my shop. So let’s see what have I done with it lately…I’ve finished one scarf, just about finished a “fashion kimono” the handmade fringe I made for it is fighting me a bit, I’ve started another scarf this one is much more of a aesthetic scarf since the yarn is much finer then what I normally use for scarves, and I also have a cardigan in the works. I’ve also picked up a bunch of new fabrics for vests and what not (some of them might make nice bags). But I guess none of this matters if I don’t get my act together and start to prioritize this like I do my lazing around.

So I’m going to do a bit of cleaning around the salon and then start in on some knitting, as bad as it sounds I really don’t want anyone to come in today…not when I have a ten hour day tomorrows

A day of firsts

I just got back home from the training shift at Cique Du Soleil, and man I am exhausted. It could be that I’m running on a few hours of sleep, it was hot and sunny today, I did a lot more walking around then usual lately, or simply learning make me tired haha.

But in all seriousness I’m really thankful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to start my first real shift tomorrow. On top of a pretty good first day at the circus I had my first sale over on my shop this morning, I woke up to a notification on my phone saying my Ilvermorny Professor Vest had sold.

On instagram and facebook I had briefly mentioned that I was both excited and nervous, and I still am. That hasn’t changed since this morning and it probably won’t change until after it arrives at its destination. Even then I’ll probably worry that it doesn’t meet the person’s standard. Like I’m pretty sure anyone shopping on etsy, especially for clothes, understand it’s all handmade and there for won’t be at chain store level. All handmade items have their flaws, but I like to think my work meets other people standards and that they enjoy the item as much as I enjoyed (despite making myself frustrated over nothing more then I’d like to admit) making it.

I know as time goes on and the more I make things, and the more sales I do, the more I can work on my work related self-esteem. It’s not from a lack of pride that I worry about these things. But more so from prior to following this dream of mine of running my own shop, all knitting and/or sewing I kept to myself or for family gifts. So pretty much anyone who got anything from me were people who might have been to polite to really saw anything if there was something…it was mostly my mother saying that I made things like sweaters to long because she’s pretty short so sleeves needed to be made shorter.

But I’m off to the post office so I can pick up a box to send out this vest before my shift tomorrow. I work at like 5pm so I have time to swing by before then since the actual sending parcels part of the post office is closed right now, but I can still get boxes and stamps and all that.

Gnomes enjoy knitting too

Yesterday I had planned to get a bit more work done on this one knitting project for a friend who kind of low-key commissioned it. I had been making some pretty decent progress on it the night before, and was planning on finishing this one section of it.

I went down to my room to get it and decided to bring up my dress form so I can get some kind of idea how it’s looking on a more female shaped body (meaning not on my super flat self). So I unraveled the working yarn off of the rolled up progress and needles, placed the empty needle beside me, and held up what I had against the dress form.

Once I had figured out how much more I needed to knit and add to the width I pushed the dress form off to the side and went to grab the other needle. But it was gone. It just flat out disappeared on me. I hadn’t gotten up from my spot, nor did I heard that classic sound of a metal needle hitting the ground. Mind you it is only a US size 5, but I should have still heard something. Out of habit I checked the creases of the couch, the gabs that lead to underneath it, on the side table. I even went as far as to check from where I picked up the knitting, my bed, along my stairs, and the floor from my door to the living room.

I’ve checked everywhere I could think it fell and then some less likely places it could have ended up. My house isn’t that big, nor do I really venture out of the three basic rooms I normally spend any bit of time in.

So either I’m just blind and the knitting needle is right there in plain view, or house gnomes have stolen it and are holding it for ransom. I do have a fair amount of cleaning that needs to get done so perhaps that’s what they’re waiting for, I can’t be for certain.

I’m trying to not have five projects on the go at once, I do that with books and it takes me forever to finish them, so I’m trying really hard to not just start something new while I look for that needle. Now I could always go out and buy a new pair of US size 5 needles, or even get a thing of circular needles which would probably help me out a lot especially for this project, but I’m trying to not get anymore…at least not until I have a proper storage system for them. At the moment they’re all in a tall mason jar.

A very unproductive weekend

Haven’t really been working on much, shop wise, this weekend because we have a home appraisal person coming through. Don’t know when which is the horrible thing, the other horrible thing is I might be the only person in the house at the time because my dad is apparently going off to Qu├ębec for work then off to B.C. for a bit. The good news about all this is it’s lit a fire under my ass to finish off my room. I’ve been living in an unfinished basement for like 3-4 years now but I stayed up until like 4am this morning laying flooring down, still a lot more to do just for the floors though.

I need to finish laying down the sub flooring, then go over that with the actual flooring it’s got this nice cabin feeling to the colour.

Once all the floors are done I can go in and finish the wall, by which of I mean finish constructing them like they’re framed I just need to put the drywall up. The walls the did remain in the demo and redesigning of the basement layout are that super boring off white colour so I’m going to have to figure out what colour I want or what’ll go with the cabin-y floors.

So basically I’ve kind of put shop things on hold until we get the house looking nice enough for the home appraisal/inspector people, because (I don’t know if I mentioned this) my dad has been tweaking his mortgage and in order to….damn he told me what he was doing but this is just a level of adulting I’m nowhere near close enough to know what he was actually talking about. But basically in order for him to do what he wants with his mortgage they (the mortgage people) need an update on the worth of the house, so we need to make it look all put together and like all these renos are going to be done in like a month.

I mean really all these renos could have been finished long ago, it’s just with my dad’s work he’s been out of the province and country for like large chunks of the year and a lot of the renos are at the point that mostly require the use of things like table saws which is terrifying and I don’t trust myself. So basically to get all this done, which really if I can get the floor both the sub flooring and the proper flooring, then I’ll be happy and get back to working on stuff for the shop and get back to clock-in job hunting.

Speaking of clock-in job hunting, as it stands I’m still in the run for the Cirque de Soleil job next month so there’s always that .

Back to clocking in

Being a new business I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make a living off of my store right away, hell I didn’t even think I could make a full proper living off of it for another couple years. But doing to after post secondary thing and living at home while I chip away at my student loan payments, it’s not like I have a whole lot of bills…at least I’m lucky and my dad is pretty supportive and doesn’t charge me any rent or anything.

But I do have plans in the rather near future (less then a year) of moving out, purely because good as this province has been to me (there was a lot of soul searching and moving up in the world done here) I just can’t handle living in the praises anymore…I’m a coastal kid at heart and I need my oceans and/or forests. I’m sure if I was living closer to the mountains I wouldn’t hate it as much, but I’m living in flat, prairie, suburbia…

Now I know it doesn’t make much sense me admitting that I didn’t think I could make a living from this shop for another two years, then immediately saying I’m moving out of a rent free home in less then a year. But like I mentioned before I can’t quite stand living in the prairies for much longer, I did say I’m a coastal kid at heart, and at this point I’m willing to do whatever I need to do to continue on with my plans. My friend back on the coast has a house of sorts and has basically reserved a room for me, so housing is taken care of. Really all that’s needed on my part is to save up X amount of money which is why I’m heading back into the salon.

I had an interview earlier this week and now I’m just waiting for the second interview. The manager at this salon is super chill and he’s willing on giving me like a month off so I can still work for Cirque de Soleil next month, because really this is kind of a dream of mine. I mean it’s not 100% set in stone I’m working there yet, but I recently spoke to one of my references and I was told a lot of good things so my hopes are still pretty high for this job.

Ideally, yes I’d like to eventually get to a point where I can live off of purely my shop, but it’s not even a month old and I started this at (what I’m considering) a good point in my life, like I’m 23 years old, with little to no life expenses. So really I do have a long way to go, and with me going back into the salon work force I can use it to help finance my dream of working for myself, it just means that I’m going to have to make this more of a part time job of sorts.

But nobody has ever said that starting something, let alone a business or store, would ever be easy and I’m just going to have to work at it and hope it pays off in the long run.

This is the obligatory introduction post.

This is the obligatory introduction post, because really who doesn’t like to know whose running the blog, or the shop this blog is for?

Let’s start with the basics in more or less point form.

  • My names William
  • I’m 23 years old
  • I’m from Canada
  • Born in New Brunswick, lived mostly in B.C., and for the moment living in Alberta.
  • Vegan
  • Pagan
  • Witch
  • My favourite colour would normally be black but a good amount of people don’t count black as a colour so for those people my favourite colour would have to be green.
  • I’m very fond of makeup, I’m either wearing a full beat face or I look like garbage, there is no in-between.
  • My favourite animals are cats.
  • Or for my favourite non-domestic (so like not house pets) animals, probably horses.
  • Trash Witch Apparel is my etsy shop that I opened early this month.

Now why did I open up a little etsy shop? Very simply because who doesn’t want to wrk for themselves and/or work from home? Ever since high school I’ve had the dream of living in that cluttered, disorganized mess of an artist home. Paint stained walls, stacks of canvases, kitchen counter covered in coffee cups and ramen boxes, and stacks of finished work ready to be sold. Living off of what ever I can make from my art. Sadly though as time went on I kind of traded up my ability to draw and paint for the ability to knit. I’m not saying I was all that great with my drawing abilities, but when I started to learn how to knit I kind of stopped drawing all together. So I kind of put that dream of living off of what I make on hold while I worked on a career in hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed working in hair and I’m kind of considering getting back into it, but at this point in my life I feel like I should go ahead with this new business venture of mine. I mean at the moment I don’t really have any kind of expenses that I need to worry about which to me feels like the best time to do something like this.

Much like my high school dream of living off of my art that’s still very much the goal for this. In some way though, this is still what I’m working towards, it might no longer be paint and pens but working with yarns and fabrics are still (in my mind anyway) considered art.

Please feel free to check out my shop