A day of firsts

I just got back home from the training shift at Cique Du Soleil, and man I am exhausted. It could be that I’m running on a few hours of sleep, it was hot and sunny today, I did a lot more walking around then usual lately, or simply learning make me tired haha.

But in all seriousness I’m really thankful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to start my first real shift tomorrow. On top of a pretty good first day at the circus I had my first sale over on my shop this morning, I woke up to a notification on my phone saying my Ilvermorny Professor Vest had sold.

On instagram and facebook I had briefly mentioned that I was both excited and nervous, and I still am. That hasn’t changed since this morning and it probably won’t change until after it arrives at its destination. Even then I’ll probably worry that it doesn’t meet the person’s standard. Like I’m pretty sure anyone shopping on etsy, especially for clothes, understand it’s all handmade and there for won’t be at chain store level. All handmade items have their flaws, but I like to think my work meets other people standards and that they enjoy the item as much as I enjoyed (despite making myself frustrated over nothing more then I’d like to admit) making it.

I know as time goes on and the more I make things, and the more sales I do, the more I can work on my work related self-esteem. It’s not from a lack of pride that I worry about these things. But more so from prior to following this dream of mine of running my own shop, all knitting and/or sewing I kept to myself or for family gifts. So pretty much anyone who got anything from me were people who might have been to polite to really saw anything if there was something…it was mostly my mother saying that I made things like sweaters to long because she’s pretty short so sleeves needed to be made shorter.

But I’m off to the post office so I can pick up a box to send out this vest before my shift tomorrow. I work at like 5pm so I have time to swing by before then since the actual sending parcels part of the post office is closed right now, but I can still get boxes and stamps and all that.

More Fae problems and Cirque plans

So last post I had talked about how a gnome stole one of my knitting needles from literally under my nose, placed it down for a second and boom! It was gone.

Well, I sadly still haven’t been able to find it, but also my pillow case (my only pillow case) was taken as well. I pulled out my bedding from the dryer to unravel it so it could dry completely and evenly. I placed my pillow case on top of the dryer and stretched my arms upwards while holding onto an edge of one of my blankets to unravel it, if anything my pillow case would have fallen forward from where I had put it. But when I brought my arms back down to put the now straightened out sheet back into the dryer, my pillow case was gone.

Much like that one knitting needle I still haven’t found it.

Now a pillow case might seem like nothing, something easily replaced, and it is but I had plans of just completely buying new bedding. What I currently have is a cheap set from walmart or something and it’s just a lint and cat fur magnet.

But good news being I’ve found a temporary set up until I get that whole new bedding set, which hopefully I’ll be able to afford soon as this week I start work with Cirque Du Soleil! I’m not working with the actual circus, I’m not that lucky haha, but I’m working for the venue here in town. It’ll give me some kind of income while I figure out what to do next, I have a few plans for August, right now any of those three plans could happen.

I could go back to school, go on a mini vacation with a friend (if she ever speaks up and tells her friend that she doesn’t want to go to this wedding), or I go straight to working another random job.

Whatever I end up doing in August, these next few weeks of work with the circus is going to be fun, I’ll be honest I’ve never been to a show, but I’ll take the position I was hired for as a complement. I’m pretty sure the was mention that as a venue employee I might be able to see a show at some point. Either way, it’s going to be fun.

This is the obligatory introduction post.

This is the obligatory introduction post, because really who doesn’t like to know whose running the blog, or the shop this blog is for?

Let’s start with the basics in more or less point form.

  • My names William
  • I’m 23 years old
  • I’m from Canada
  • Born in New Brunswick, lived mostly in B.C., and for the moment living in Alberta.
  • Vegan
  • Pagan
  • Witch
  • My favourite colour would normally be black but a good amount of people don’t count black as a colour so for those people my favourite colour would have to be green.
  • I’m very fond of makeup, I’m either wearing a full beat face or I look like garbage, there is no in-between.
  • My favourite animals are cats.
  • Or for my favourite non-domestic (so like not house pets) animals, probably horses.
  • Trash Witch Apparel is my etsy shop that I opened early this month.

Now why did I open up a little etsy shop? Very simply because who doesn’t want to wrk for themselves and/or work from home? Ever since high school I’ve had the dream of living in that cluttered, disorganized mess of an artist home. Paint stained walls, stacks of canvases, kitchen counter covered in coffee cups and ramen boxes, and stacks of finished work ready to be sold. Living off of what ever I can make from my art. Sadly though as time went on I kind of traded up my ability to draw and paint for the ability to knit. I’m not saying I was all that great with my drawing abilities, but when I started to learn how to knit I kind of stopped drawing all together. So I kind of put that dream of living off of what I make on hold while I worked on a career in hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed working in hair and I’m kind of considering getting back into it, but at this point in my life I feel like I should go ahead with this new business venture of mine. I mean at the moment I don’t really have any kind of expenses that I need to worry about which to me feels like the best time to do something like this.

Much like my high school dream of living off of my art that’s still very much the goal for this. In some way though, this is still what I’m working towards, it might no longer be paint and pens but working with yarns and fabrics are still (in my mind anyway) considered art.

Please feel free to check out my shop