Belated start to a new year

I apologize for my absence, September to the new year is a rather busy time for me as I pretty much leave my costume and Yule gifts to the very last minute. I’ve tried to break this habit but apparently I have yet to manage that haha.

But I’m back now and plan on being as on top of all my shop related accounts, I kind of want to make it a daily thing to update here, Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, etc. But that would be either a bunch of nonsense updates (updates and posts purely just to make posts) which would get annoying for me and everyone who follows me, and that would just take up to much time that I’m kind of already struggling to balance out between work, my shop, home reno (which feels like it might never be done), my own health, trying to get enough hours of sleep, and social media (both personal and shop related). So on top of me being shit at time management, I also feel the need to get a bit of all that done each day, which is damn near impossible for me.

So as long as I get a post on each media platform per week then that should be enough, at least until my shop gets more momentum and I can eventually cut myself down to just working on my shop.

But speaking of work, my clock-in job has cut my hours a bit so I’m down basically basically three and a bit days per paycheque which means it’s significantly lower then what I’m use to. Which I originally took as a good thing because that would leave me more time to work on stuff for the shop, but I now have less of a budget to create pieces. So I’m considering actually getting another job, just like a super part time kind of job, so I can actually have a budget to work on sellable items and so I can save up for my move I’m planning this summer.

Which I guess I can use to segway into this new development, I’ve made myself both a ko-fi and patreon accounts that I’ll link on the bottom of this post. If you want to I would greatly appreciate any donations you want to give, it’ll help both me and my shop…it’ll also help me afford my cat’s food, she’ll only eat this one specific food from this one specific brand and it’s not cheap her food…like now I know how my parents feel when I was a picky eater (I mean I still am but I’ve gotten a lot better).

Also for more shop related updates, at the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to do monthly updates and list new items every new moon, it seems like a good time to post new things and I don’t feel so rushed as I would a date specific update schedule..I don’t know how but it feels less stressful. Now I know it’s still the middle of winter for us in the northern hemisphere, but I’m going to start working on spring/summer clothes mostly because despite being Canadian I still don’t know how to dress for winter, the difference between winter and the other times of year is how many layers and thickness of sweaters/coats I’m wearing. But also this way when those seasons come round I’ll have a decent selection for you guys to look through…as well it might give me ideas how I can survive this summer since with how weird and (for the most part) mild our winter has been this year I’m worried about how unbearably hot this summer is going to be so I need a wardrobe to survive it.