A very unproductive weekend

Haven’t really been working on much, shop wise, this weekend because we have a home appraisal person coming through. Don’t know when which is the horrible thing, the other horrible thing is I might be the only person in the house at the time because my dad is apparently going off to Québec for work then off to B.C. for a bit. The good news about all this is it’s lit a fire under my ass to finish off my room. I’ve been living in an unfinished basement for like 3-4 years now but I stayed up until like 4am this morning laying flooring down, still a lot more to do just for the floors though.

I need to finish laying down the sub flooring, then go over that with the actual flooring it’s got this nice cabin feeling to the colour.

Once all the floors are done I can go in and finish the wall, by which of I mean finish constructing them like they’re framed I just need to put the drywall up. The walls the did remain in the demo and redesigning of the basement layout are that super boring off white colour so I’m going to have to figure out what colour I want or what’ll go with the cabin-y floors.

So basically I’ve kind of put shop things on hold until we get the house looking nice enough for the home appraisal/inspector people, because (I don’t know if I mentioned this) my dad has been tweaking his mortgage and in order to….damn he told me what he was doing but this is just a level of adulting I’m nowhere near close enough to know what he was actually talking about. But basically in order for him to do what he wants with his mortgage they (the mortgage people) need an update on the worth of the house, so we need to make it look all put together and like all these renos are going to be done in like a month.

I mean really all these renos could have been finished long ago, it’s just with my dad’s work he’s been out of the province and country for like large chunks of the year and a lot of the renos are at the point that mostly require the use of things like table saws which is terrifying and I don’t trust myself. So basically to get all this done, which really if I can get the floor both the sub flooring and the proper flooring, then I’ll be happy and get back to working on stuff for the shop and get back to clock-in job hunting.

Speaking of clock-in job hunting, as it stands I’m still in the run for the Cirque de Soleil job next month so there’s always that .


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